Rodgers C Gold.


Rodgers is an operating DP and a skilled Focus Puller with over 10 years’ professional experience working on Commercials, award winning Films, TV Serials, Documentaries, and Corporate productions. He had a 6yr stint as a Gaffer and Bestboy Grip; understandS technical requirements and expectations. He can also direct medium sized gigs; work with a director and big crew as well as with a producer on demanding projects, which call for a fully versatile filmmaker. Currently based out of Nairobi but with very significant experience in South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Senegal, Zambia et al; he does travel a lot around Africa on work. He has garnered massive experience and organizational discipline, and from which the desire for an excellently equipped technical agency was birthed. He is passionately dedicated to the assignment and does not stop until the story is told as it was scheduled. Clients testify to a wonderful experience working with him on and off set is. Mountains are meant to be climbed so are new challenges a welcome opportunity to increase knowledge, understanding and experience.

Rodgers is relentless and has a vision where Africa is known for excellence in crew and gear.

Directors/DPs I have worked with:
· Kevin McDonald (Oscar Award Winner)
· Christian Winters (Emmy Award Winner)
· Alwin Kuchler (Winner BIFA and Stockholm Film Festival)
· Alastair McKevitt (Sports Emmy Award Winner)
· Mbithi Masya ((FIPRESCI Award in TIFF)
· Pat Olvera (TBWA/Ad Of The World)
· Jordan Riber (ZIFF Best Director/USA)
· Talib Rasmussen, DFF (Denmark)
· Sesan Ogunro (UK)
· Kiana Moore (Epic Magazine)
· Tosh Gitonga (KEN)

Direct and indirect clients:

· Ridley Scott Group –London
· Nowness –London
· Ginger Ink (KEN)
· TBWA/Khangarue Media -Tanzania
· IBM –Singapore/Epic Digital
· Stumptown Coffee
· Ahoy Films (RSA)
· CocaCola
· On Screen Africa (KEN)
· Media For Development International
· Development Media International -London
· 16×9 Productions
· Fatrain Films
· Fluid Films
· Creative Hub
· Cinematic Solutions
· Protel Studios
· Discovery
· Film Crew In Africa
· Translieu
· FSD Tanzania
· Olam
· Sky 3D (Micro Monsters)
· ESRF Canada
· Phillip Morrison International

Serials & Docus:

· Siri Ya Mtungi (Tanzania)
· The Academy (EAC)
· Beneath The Lies (Uganda)
· Dunia Bora (Discovery Channel)
· Micro Monsters 3D (SKY 3D)
· FSDT Mobile Money
· UNICEF Burundi Refugees Stories
· UNHCR Reenacted Docu
· Safaricom
· Vodafone

Features- (Operator, B-Unit Camera and A/B-Unit Focus Puller/1st AC:

· Eliud Kipchoge: Project 1.59
· Water Aid ETH: Aida Muluneh
· NBC Sports: What Would You Fight For?
· Jason Derulo’s Shut Up And Dance (Ethiopia)
· Coca-Cola: Going Big In Ethiopia.
· IBM Singapore
· Vodacom Business TVC
· Chukua Selfie
· Night of The Lotus (UK)
· One Way Ticket (German in Production)
· Bahasha (US/TZ)
· Fatuma (US/TZ)
· Il Paesse De Picollo Pioge (Italy)
· Subira (Danish)
· 1972 (UNHCR) (TZ)


· Absa
· Airtel
· Chukua Selfie
· Vodacom TZ
· Coke Tanzania
· Coke: Make Ethiopia Great Again
· Safaricom KE
· Olam Mozambique/Tanzania/Zambia
· USAID Tanzania
· UNICEF Right To Play
· DRDB Bank
· NMB Bank
· Stanbic Bank
· Barclays
· Stanchart
· Pepsi Uganda
· Airtel Rwanda/ Uganda
· Tigo/Vodacom/Halotel Tanzania
· MTN Rwanda/ Uganda
· Sierra Beer
· Unilever Products
· Jubilee Insurance
· UAP Insurance
· Kenya Power
· Chai Bora