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A bad workman quarrels with his tools, but a good workman rarely has bad tools. or representation.

Golden Zeal Pictures started as an agitation borne out of a missing excellence through the years we worked on set. This frustration over the state and ergonomic limitations of VT equipment accessible in the region became fuel to a flaming desire to make available not just the equipment technology but a difference in the experience on set. Our primary aim is to be one less headache to production.
While we cannot control the various personalities and dispensations on set, we believe our ultramodern gear and crew work in excellence; a happy Director is a happy DOP and a happy mood all round. We aim to bring a wholesome experience to sets by ensuring that the DOP is not only able to see clearly what they are framing even in direct sunlight hitting the monitor, but has the ability to control the settings of the ARRI Alexa Mini and RED cameras. This means less time wasted changing settings or playback especially on a gimbal.
Our high nits monitors and minimum interference wireless signals means that the Director has crystal feed to only think of performance, but also the Client/Agency are able to follow the process by viewing the frame via bright ultramodern wireless monitor with true color representation, all this while keeping social distance in line with the new health regulations on set. The comfort we bring goes a very long way in an already intense shoot day, with the director having his own exclusive tent, comfortable foldable chairs, a portable cooler box with space where he can keep his notes, charge his phone, and the ease of communicating with his DP via wireless intercom; the DP in turn can communicate with up to 4 of his key crew even whilst filming without interfering with the sound department.

At Golden Zeal, it is our aim to provide a seamless Camera to Video Village technology, and with our consistent experiences over 10years on set in the camera department, we are actively pursuing ways and investing in systems which save time, emotional resources and general flow from the camera department. All our gear is hand checked, sanitized and readied for your production.

''Excellence is not a skill it's an attitude'' - Ralph Marston

Golden Zeal is a Technical Agency with a purpose to supply film technology and technical services, and our crew have solid credentials having been involved in countless big international and local jobs.

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